Easy being green? How the hotel market is changing to meet the needs of eco-conscious consumers 

Posted on 25/10/2019 by Lukas James

Going green matters. An increasing number of studies are suggesting that hotels need to increase their commitment to the environment or face losing market share to competitors that do. Read More »

How to turn a frown upside down and deal with negative customer reviews  

Posted on 22/08/2019 by Lukas James

There’s no hiding it, reviews matter. Whilst positive reviews can convince an indecisive guest to book, negative reviews can have them clicking elsewhere. Every hospitality business will face a negative review at some point, so we guide you through the steps to take when you face a negative customer review and how to respond.  Read More »

Why working with an independent hospitality management company makes sense for your hotel

Posted on 19/02/2019 by Lukas James

It’s one of the defining decisions for any hotel owner - do you work within the relatively safe but rigid confines of a chain hotel, run your property yourself or take control of your hotel’s direction using the services of an independent management company? Read More »

5 Key strategies to prevent employee turnover in the hospitality industry

Posted on 11/02/2019 by Lukas James

Staff turnover is the biggest challenge the hotel industry faces, with hospitality employees ditching their workplaces at twice the national average. Read More »

Mezcal Mania - Five facts you may not know about Mexico’s ‘other’ national spirit.

Posted on 22/01/2019 by Lukas James

Move aside Tequila, mezcal is making an impact in bars around the world. Whether you’ve always been a fan or are just discovering mezcal recently, we’ve got the scoop on this distinctive spirit. Read More »

Green is the New Black: 5 Simple steps hoteliers can take to improve the earth and their bottom line

Posted on 11/01/2019 by Lukas James

The world is producing more than 300 million tonnes of plastic per year and the problem is becoming a defining issue for this generation. It has become a hot button issue in the hotel industry with increasing consumer consciousness leading to a green revolution. Read More »

Club Culture: 4 Important lessons that hoteliers are learning from private member clubs

Posted on 03/12/2018 by Lukas James

We take a look at how these clubs are shaping expectations and what the hospitality industry can learn from private member clubs. Read More »

War On Waste: Simple Steps to Reduce Food Waste in the Hospitality Industry

Posted on 23/11/2018 by Lukas James

Imagine if for every meal you ate, you threw a third of it straight into the trash? Read More »

Exploring Yangon: Myanmar’s fascinating gateway to an ancient kingdom

Posted on 12/11/2018 by Lukas James

"An enchanting mix of glittering pagodas and fascinating colonial past" Read More »

Run for the hills: Weekend escape ideas in Chiang Mai, Thailand’s charming northern enclave

Posted on 08/11/2018 by Lukas James

"Away from the sprawling chaos and energy of Bangkok" Read More »


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