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Unicorn Hotels & Resorts takes a human-centric view of hospitality. We see ourselves at the natural home of Generations “Y”; and “Z”, with an emphasis on disruption, new thinking, and finding smarter, better ways of getting the right people into the right positions where they can be of the most benefit to your business or brand.

Unicorn Hotels & Resorts believes in bespoke. Our experience as hospitality and food & beverage professionals in South East Asia, Middle East, Caribbean and Europe has taught us that management comes down to charisma and the art of getting people to listen. We believe in setting our expectations high, and being accountable to what is expected of us.

Unicorn Hotels & Resorts attracts a certain kind of client, just as we attract like-minded team members. Both tend to be young, innovative entrepreneurial types who want careers and families, and who work and play on their terms, blurring the distinctions between the two concepts.

We don’t talk about ‘clients’ and ‘staff’, or think in terms of ‘them’ and ‘us’. Work with Unicorn Hotels & Resorts, and discover a world inhabited by ‘Lifestylers’ who understand that these days, the workplace can be almost anyplace.


Unicorn Hotels & Resorts is a smart, new-thinking hospitality management company based in Bangkok, specializing in full hotel management, as well as offering a full range of management, operational, technical and development consulting services for hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and beyond.

We can help you open with a bang and some buzz, mind breakthrough ideas or implement incremental tweaks, even steer a train wreck back onto the rails.

Created as an alternative to the traditional hotel management companies with their hidebound corporate worldview and tired theories, Unicorn Hotels & Resorts has one unerring purpose and vision: to get your brand or business working by getting your people working.

Lean, flexible fee structures put our expertise within the reach of young entrepreneurs and industry newcomers. Our dynamic, lifestyle-centered approach syncs with the entrepreneurial spirit and how we live and work today. We serve one truth, which is our guiding philosophy and daily mantra.

Hospitality begins with people. Everything else follows.


Concept Development

Grow ideas to create results


Technical Services

Get the essiantials right



Be prepared for success


Hotels & Resorts Management

Deliver the vision, hit the target



Express your differences


Consultancy Services

Count on experience


Digital Services

Master the online matrix


Event Management

Make things happen


Hotel Investment & Sales

Buy small and sell well





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