Visionary Lifestyle Solutions

Phattara manages a wide range of
hospitality and real-estate concepts and products.

Established in Bangkok Thailand, with a major mixed-use project already underway in Kunming China. Broad cross-sector expertise allows us to stay ahead of the curve in all aspects of hospitality, food and beverage, wellness, and age-exclusive care, so that our guests, investors and valued clients enjoy the highest quality facilities, services, technology and professionalism across the board.


We Care

Phattara presents a genuine nature and a heart that shines from within. We care about our guests, sincerely and graciously.

We Listen

We understand people are different, have different needs, values and opinions. We embrace the complexity of human nature by listening, carefully.

We Act

With our kind nature and understanding of guests’ needs, we act professionally, promptly and expertly.



Grace and elegance are at the heart of Phattara International Group developments, shaping experiences and creating everlasting impressions.


Phattara meets the needs of today’s smart global citizens through design and décor, wellness therapies and conscious connectivity.


Social spaces to inspire conversation, creativity, ideas and designed to delight and excite.

Phattara Hotel & Residences Food and Beverage

Professional Training Academy

Assisted Living Nursing Home & Clinic

Phattara Wellness Retreat & Spa Samsara Spa


Thai-inspired. Service-minded.

Phattara Hospitality has its roots in the past,
but lives in the present and is inspired by the future.

These three foundations are at the heart of everything we do, whether it’s hotels, restaurants, conferences or long-term accommodation. Our service philosophy comes from the soul; there’s a distinctive Thai character within the Phattara brand that is naturally friendly, exuberant and sociable without losing a sense of pride in efficiency and attention to detail. Above all, we believe in people. We hire attitudes. We teach skills.


Hotels & Residences

Our Hotels & Residences offer style and a caring sense of service, derived from the heart of Thai culture – its people. Phattara encapsulates human qualities that have been honed over centuries and are the core reason why the country has taken its place as the leading travel and hospitality destination in Asia. It is a brand that deeply cares for its guests as an essential and central value proposition.

Through this, the brand’s unique personality emerges – clothed in modernity, inspired by Thai culture, which permeates everything we do.

Phattara Hotels & Residences represents a celebration of design and service acumen; characteristics born in Thailand but suited to travel far and wide. It is therefore a brand that appeals to savvy, discerning travelers.


Our designs are not restrained by conceptual, cultural or even physical boundaries. Framed in elegance and stunning nature, we let the personal, human touch shine through. Clean lines, stand out furnishings and a subtle sense of traditional Sino Thai splendour give guests a sense of heritage, fused with a bold, individual style that reflects the brand philosophy and honours the unique location.


Generous spaces and graceful lines beckon the mind to de-clutter and the soul to unwind. The spirit of Phattara is yours to discover through a personal oasis built of natural warm woods, softened with elegant earth-toned fabrics. Cleverly tucked away amongst the reasons to unplug are wireless ways to connect with the world, to ensure you have a blissfully unforgettable retreat.

Meetings and Conferences

Phattara unites business and pleasure to help your meetings achieve their full potential with flexible, functional spaces and facilities including a range of customisable floor plans, state-of-the-art audio-visual capabilities and menus that inspire creativity. Our attentive staff ensure no detail is overlooked, no request left unanswered, leaving companies, organisations and groups to focus on getting down to business, develop new ideas, or celebrate milestones.


F & B Concepts


Break away from the breakfast buffet with our extensive, carefully curated selection of healthy but tasty choices that runs the gamut of morning delights from healthy shots to home-made hotcakes and yoghurts, from free-range eggs prepared however you like them to kick starter salads to fuel the day ahead.


Accessible Thai tastes are presented with panache and given a Chinese twist in delightful combinations that will leave you tongue-Thai’d. Eclectic enough for a family lunch, but with a gentle ambience that also suits an evening dinner date, the restaurant presents authentic tastes with a modern rustic flair, bringing together the best of two legendary cuisines.


F & B Concepts

Mr. Coco

Loco for coco! While we love everything coconut, we also offer you a plethora of coconut dessert choices. From scrumptious coconut milk sticky rice paired with a perfectly ripe mango to coconut ice cream topped with shredded coconut. Coconut everything and anything!


At Silk we bring you more authentic Chinese flavors with the wow factor than just dim sum and stir-fried chicken. Keep your eyes out for the irresistible combination of local wild mushrooms and herbs like San Qi. The taste is addictive and refreshing for the palette and will keep you asking for more!


F & B Concepts

La Mamma

La Mamma only uses high quality Italian ingredients to give you the best culinary experience that will make you go "Mamma Mia!" Expect different types of pizza dough, homemade pasta and a spectacular list of old and new wines from all over the world.


Green, white, black, matcha, oolong, you name it, we have it! Stressed? Honey lavender stress-relief tea for you. Indigestion? Dandelion tea it is! Explore our endless tea menu that tastes good, feels good and will make taking care of yourself taste wonderful! We also have other hot and comforting drinks like hot chocolate, golden milk (turmeric tea) and magical mermaid tea (butterfly pea tea latte) for non-tea lovers to soothe your soul.


F & B Concepts


Our hot noodle soup bowls are warm and hearty and are packed with flavor. Our flavors range from miso to hot and spicy Sriracha to slow cooker braised pork to keep your taste buds asking for more.

Glory Bowl

At Glory Bowls, the food not only does you good, but it also looks and tastes good. Let us change the way you think and eat with our unfettered dishes, created by the expert chefs. Start with our smoothie bowls, which feature a range of enticing frozen fruity flavors, or our Buddha bowls, which mainly include healthy grains, proteins and vegetables.


F & B Concepts

New York Style Steak & Burger

Unlike a lot of steak houses, we deliver what we promise. When we say we have the best burgers and steaks in town that is exactly what you get. All our USA steaks are USDA (US Department of Agriculture) Certified Angus Beef – the defining standard all beef is held to.


Gentle lighting, soothing beats, cushioned spaces, top quality cocktails and mocktails create a sophisticated and relaxed ambiance, adorned by splendid sunsets over the lake. This is the place to chill and be chilled.


Preventative. Forward-thinking.

In wellness, we are simply the best.

Drawing on the traditions of Thai holistic health treatments, we have developed a programme of modern wellness enhanced by proven science and technology with the professional touch of trained therapists, which are a hallmark of the Phattara brand. Phattara brings together a wealth of expertise that covers all the latest approaches to health, beauty and rejuvenation. Our treatments and therapies include deep cleansing, signature collagens, body conditioning, anti-aging, detox and re-energizing sessions


Spa Concepts

Treatments & Therapies

An epicurean experience at Phattara offers every guest a total lifestyle transformation to achieve wellness and longevity with a full range of beauty, health and wellness treatments and provide long-lasting inspiration to help you continue with new, positive changes as part of your lifestyle.

Health & Beauty

The focus of our beauty, health and wellness program and our a la carte treatment are meant to balance as well as rejuvenate the Mind, Body and Spirit. Our programs are designed to meet each guest’s specific requirements and are essentially customized for each individual’s lifestyle improvement.


Genuine. Heartfelt Support.

We offer the highest standards of age-exclusive care in a welcoming and
supportive environment that maintains a sense of independence for residents, ensuring
they feel comfortable and safe as they dine, socialize, pursue their favourite activities,
or explore the stunning nature that surrounds them.

The team at Phattara Care prides itself in providing high-quality care in a sensitive compassionate manner. All the staff members receive extensive training and we recognise that all residents have individual needs and interests. Supporting quality of life is at the heart of our service ethos. Our highly trained, dedicated staff team approach every day with professionalism and positivity, delivering a range of essential personalized services.

Independent Living

Living facilities and services are an integral part of Phattara International Group developments with personalized assistance, support services and compassionate care options carefully designed to match each individual guest’s needs.

Assisted Living

Our dedicated live-in support services are designed to help people live independently in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible. Domestic chores such as laundry, cleaning, general housework, or shopping can become overwhelming in later life, but a helping hand provided on a regular basis can make a world of difference.

Nursing Home

A place for mature people who don't need to be in a hospital but can't be cared for at home, Phattara Clinic provides a range of age exclusive services including orthopedic care, breathing treatments, post-surgery recovery, physical, occupational, and speech therapy.