You're somewhat useful at work but irreplaceable at happy hour

Posted on 22/06/2018 by Yann Gouriou

Ah yes, happy hours!

There’s nothing finer than laying back with friends and sipping a few cocktails after a hard day at work. However, before you whip out that drink order during your favourite Happy Hour, ever wondered where it actually began? Well we did some digging for you.

The first incidence trace of the word “Happy Hours” happens to be in the United States as early as 1914, yet it they had nothing to do with alcohol. It was used by sailors in the Navy during WWI where , Happy Hours was a weekly entertainment program held to smooth out the boredom of the sea life, featuring activities such as boxing matches, live music and movies.

So how did the Happy Hours make the leap from leisure among soldiers to landlocked margarita and nibbles? It wasn’t until Prohibition (1920 - 1933) when the Americans began using the term specifically for drinking. Friends would meet at speakeasies or a secret house party before heading out for dinner, creating a pre-game scene and voila - cocktail hours has emerged.  By the end of Prohibition, the concept of Happy Hours had caught on. Nowadays the terms has been used for hotels, restaurants and bars pampering us with discount alcohol and guilty bites.

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