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Posted on 22/06/2018 by Yann Gouriou

The popularity of hidden bars is no longer a secret. Over the years, and in many different cities around the globe, these bar concepts have been multiplying at a rapid pace. While the city of angels is renown for its famous rooftops and lavish parties, it isn’t surprising to find out that Bangkok has a few so called “speakeasies” to offer.


The idea to walk into the unknown has always been thrilling. Walking into a secret bar is even more exciting, especially if you have a hard time finding it. Imagine yourself with your friends, wandering the streets of Bangkok, suddenly you see people gathering in a narrow street. You decide to follow them down the quiet artery and swiftly a door opens. An unimaginable event appears in front of your eyes…


This is why we’ve chosen a few addresses for you to discover, towards making this trip a memorable one:

- “The Locker Room”:


For cocktail amateurs, this venue is a must do. Designed by four award winning mixologist from Asia, the Locker Room is probably one of the most unique experience you could get in Bangkok. However, you won’t find this one easily, as many traps, corridors, lockers and stairs awaits…


- “Rabbit hole”:


We can almost say that this bar was designed for Whisky lovers. Located behind the wooden door of a Japanese restaurant, you will have to try their famous Cosa Nostra, an old fashioned inspired drink. Then again, finding it isn’t an easy job.


- “Havana Social”:


Looking for a place to escape and you have always dreamed about the atmosphere of the Caribbean? Situated on Sukhumvit Soi 11, this bar is for you. Where exactly, it is up to you to find out. The legend says Hemingway is still trying...


180 Sixteen Place Building, 2nd Floor, Sukhumvit Soi 16 (Sammitr), Klongtoey Bangkok 10110


T/ +66 2 107 2012
F/ +66 2 663 3044

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