Interviewing Daniela Yard-Young

Posted on 12/06/2018 by Yann Gouriou

Daniela Yard-Young has now been working for UNICORN hotels and resorts for a few years. As the project manager of the group, she is undertaking most of the creative projects for the brands and hotels under management. From enhancing branding strategies, to finding the signature smell of ecstatic properties, she adds her touch to every details.

1. What is the thing you are most proud of at UHR?


We started off as a very small company, and  I’m proud of the direction we are going in and how are are evolving. Watching that growth from the beginning and seeing what we have accomplished until today is truly satisfying.


2. What is your greatest challenge at UHR?


Managing various projects and delivering the greatest service we can as a group.


3. If you had to describe UHR in one word?

Disruptive (in the positive way)

4. What is your best memory of UHR?


When we renovated a property in Cambodia, we had to come up with the concept board for interior design. Having total creative freedom in deciding the changes that we were going to make to refurbish the hotel was a great experience. Exploring Siem Reap and helping transform the property  into a little oasis in the city.


5. What has been your favourite project that you have been working so far?


Branding for ZAZZ Hotels & Resorts has been really fun! We originally began with just a name to work with, thinking of a smart way to brand it for different properties and regions. With all the trickery that come along with creating a fun and interesting brand.


6. What is the aspects of hotels that you appreciate the most?


The people, customer services and the experience that we can offer to the guests. The small details are the most important.


7. What is the hardest task when creating a brand?


The hardest part in branding is choosing the colours to use. Colours mean different things to different people - it has a lot to do with personal taste, which can be hard when there’s a few people to please. But we somehow, as a team, always find the perfect combinations.


8. What do you think is the uprising trends in the hotel industry?


Minimalism - less is more. Organic spaces, cozy rooms, natural lighting & smart designs


9. If you have to choose between tropical island resort or luxurious mountain cottage?


Definitely the beach.

10. If you could spend a weekend anywhere in the world, which hotel would you choose?

Azulik Resort, Tulum


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