Undiscovered Thailand

Posted on 20/09/2018 by Yann Gouriou

There is far more to Thailand than just the bustling energy of Bangkok, Phuket’s natural wonders and the wonders of Chiang Mai. We’ve got the scoop on some of the best untouched paradises, providing authentic cultural experiences, lazy days in the sun and spectacular culinary discoveries. 

Lampang, North Thailand

Usually seen through the rearview mirror by those travelling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, this charming riverside town still features horse drawn carriages along its quaint streets, stunning Buddhist temples and a number of bars and restaurants to relax in after a day of exploring. 

Buriram, Northeast Thailand

Whilst it may not match the sheer majesty of neighbouring Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, the ancient Khmer ruins in this area are some of the best preserved in Southeast Asia.
The town literally means a city of happiness so it's no wonder you’ll find this cute (but hot) town in the Land of Smiles. 

Trat, East Thailand

Positioned on the eastern coast of Thailand, Trat is easily reached via direct flights from Bangkok. It’s normally known as a launching point for visitors heading to the tourist-filled Koh Chang but the smart travellers let them go. It’s much more enjoyable exploring some of the other 52 islands around the area, enjoying powdery sand between your feet and splashing in the year-round warm waters. 

Koh Kut, East Thailand

One of the most enchanting islands in the Gulf of Thailand is Koh Kut. Despite being one of the largest islands in the country, this sleepy island has a permanent population of less than 5000. Visitor numbers are increasing and areas that were once unspoilt are now being developed so get in quick before the vibe of this island changes towards mass tourism. 

Phetchaburi, North Thailand

It’s all about natural wonders in Phetchaburi, with two national parks hosting mountain ranges, rivers, waterfalls and a stunning array of native Thai wildlife. In Khao Kho you can try to uncover wild elephants, deer, porcupines or the adorable slow loris whilst Nam Nao National Park is home to tigers, sun bears, leopards and more.

Chanthaburi, East Thailand

Dive into Thailand’s rich culture and discover this wonderful country at its natural best. This provincial capital has long been a haven  for gem traders and this tradition is still practiced in bustling street markets. Wonderfully restored buildings set on the banks of the Chanthaburi River that dissects the town celebrate the influences and architecture of Chinese, French and Vietnamese over the centuries.

Koh Phangan, South Thailand

Whilst the island is well known for its raucous Full Moon parties, what many aren’t aware of is that Koh Phangan has a quiet side. The north west coast of Koh Phangan plays host to the island's most diverse and interesting stretch of coral reef and is considerably less busy than party fueled Haad Rin. Bring your snorkel and leave the glow sticks behind. 

Chumphon - South Thailand

Most visitors to Chumphon are heading to or from the three main islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao but the stunning remote beaches should make you consider sticking around. Load up on culture with a visit to the Royal Palace and join the locals with a visit to the street market and the best of Thai street food and seafood stir-fries.


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