2018's most creative cocktails

Posted on 10/09/2018 by Yann Gouriou

From fancy floral flourishes to smoke, fog and molecular gastronomy, there’s always something new in the world of cocktails. 

The following list is mix of outstanding originals and classic tipples that will keep you hydrated. Be warned though, they are dangerously tasty. 

Gold Rush

Sometimes simplicity is key and this triple ingredient tipple is delightfully simple. It was first brought into popularity by bartender T.J. Siegal at the legendary Manhattan cocktail mecca Milk & Honey -which, sadly, is no longer in business. 

Bourbon is the star in this fragrant modern classic with the sourness of lemon juice enlivened by the addition of honey syrup. It’s a whiskey-laced spin on the Bee's Knees. Best of all, this creative cocktail can be ordered at the bar or whipped up at home.

60 mls bourbon

22 mls lemon

25 mls honey syrup

Garnish with a lemon twist


We’e thrilled the negroni is back and officially on trend according to Tatler’s yearly hit list of what’s worth drinking. According to these icons of all things stylish, it’s the big-hitter, the top dog and VERY happening. Even people who don’t like them (they are super-bitter) are drinking them. 

This simple and sophisticated aperitif blends gin, vermouth and Campari and is the perfect addition to your next event or party.

45 ounces sweet vermouth

45 mls Campari

45 mls ounces gin

Garnish with an orange slice or twist

The Margarita

You can’t go past the classics and this cocktail has stood the test of time, transforming tequila into a truly international drink. By combining tequila, triple sec and fresh lime, there’s an endless number of variations on this classic recipe, whether you like it extra tart, sweet or strong.

Chill your glass, load with fresh ice and shake the combined ingredients for 30 seconds. Slide a lime wedge around the glass, salt the rim (or not, friendships have been lost over this) and pour into the glass and you’re all set.

45 mls tequila

45 mls lime juice

15 mls honey syrup

15 mls triple sec

Waterloo Sunset

It seems we blinked for a moment in 2017 and all of a sudden elderflower was everywhere. It’s no wonder, with this bright and flavourful bouquet of this small, white starry flower that blooms through the spring and summer.

Combine the stunning layering of a tequila sunrise with elderflower liquer and you have one delightful drink. Just carefully pour raspberry liqueur and Champagne ​over a bar spoon and your flute becomes a capsule for elegant, sparkling layers.


30 mls dry gin

15 mls elderflower liquer

Brut Champagne

7.5 mls black cherry liquer

Moscato Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, make moscato lemonade. This pitcher friendly cocktail is easy to make, perfect for prepping ahead for an easy-breezy day in the backyard with friends.

To keep things extra cool, you can make pink lemonade ice cubes to keep your mix from getting watered down.

1 bottle of moscato
1 litre of bottle of pink lemonade

90 mls of strawberry vodka

Sliced lemon and strawberries


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