Terminal discomfort: 3 Reasons why you will love airport hotels.

Posted on 25/07/2018 by Yann Gouriou

As keen travellers ourselves, we do understand that the stopover situation can be an anxious experience. From getting to the airport safely, being there on time to boarding on the right flight before the gate closes, things can rapidly become difficult. So how could we make this experience more enjoyable and less stressful? If you’re looking for a journey which involves less stress, less money and less time constraints, have you ever considered an airport hotel for a night before you fly?

3 Reasons why you would love airport hotels, or let’s say, hotels in the close proximity of airport!

  1. A stress free journey

Just getting through the traffic from city’s hotel might already make your heart race, this issues could already be solved if you’re in the close proximity. Bonus point, you also get extra time snoozing in your bed! 

  1. Economize time and money

Most of the airport hotel offers discounted prices for their room rates and usually are a lot cheaper than city’s hotels. You also save up the transportation costs as most of the hotels are linked with free shuttles or close to airport railways. 

  1. Everything you need is under one roof!

Many people might have the impression that airport hotels offer the bare minimum regarding amenities but the reality couldn’t be further from this. Ranging from pool facilities, fitness centres’ and dashing bars and restaurants, they are equipped with all the modern comforts one could expect. You can sit back, relax and begin your holiday the moment you step in. 

List of top hotels around Suvarnabhumi Airport:


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